For those who are passionate about cockfighting, the name Thomo is not too strange. However, many players still do not know that Thomo cockfighting is a globally famous type. An opportunity for those who are passionate about this genre to have the perfect playground. You need to know exactly about this type as well as know how to play and experience to win. Together New88today Learn about this type of cockfighting in the following article.

Overview of Thomo cockfighting

Thomo cockfighting is a popular form of select in Cambodia, originating from the famous Thomo cockfighting arena. Based on the name of this cockfighting arena, it has become a familiar and memorable symbol in the select community. Thomo cockfighting arena is not only a place to organize professional cockfighting matches but also a destination for select lovers.

With the investment of large organizations, Thomo cockfighting arena has developed into a notable place with a majestic scale. This place not only focuses on cockfighting events but also combines other entertainment activities. Thus creating a healthy and entertaining atmosphere for the community. The development of Thomo cockfighting arena not only marks success in the field of cockfighting but also demonstrates diversity and creativity in its approach to players and audiences.

The reason why Thomo cockfighting is of special interest

Thomo cockfighting attracts a lot of attention from bettors for a number of important reasons.


In Vietnam, cockfighting is not licensed and legalized, which creates a gap for select lovers. On the contrary, Cambodia is one of the countries with flexible legal policies for cockfighting select. Cockfighting arenas in Cambodia, including Thomo cockfighting arena, are licensed and strictly managed, creating favorable conditions for bettors to participate.

Extremely large scale

Thomo cockfighting known for its quality and strict organizational scale. The strict management system of the Cambodian state helps ensure fairness and quality in each match. The tournaments here are committed to fairness and attractiveness for bettors, increasing the appeal of Thomo cockfighting arena.

Thomo cockfighting offers an interesting experience

Participating in Thomo cockfighting not only provides select opportunities but also creates a unique entertainment experience. Organized events have a mix of professional cockfighting and other entertainment activities, making the environment lively and exciting.

Discover Thomo cockfighting rules

Thomo cockfighting rules, although they have many similarities with the general rules of cockfighting, still have their own special features. Here are some important points about Thomo cockfighting rules:

  • Before each match, the referee will check the physical strength and appearance of the cocks to ensure they meet the prescribed criteria. This is to ensure fairness and safety during cockfighting.
  • After the cock meets the physical and appearance requirements, the match will begin at the referee’s signal.
  • The cockfighting fight will end when one of the two cocks is no longer able to strike or appears unable to continue. This determines the winner of the game.
  • The time for each Thomo cockfighting game is fixed at 15 minutes. However, the number of rounds in each game will depend on the fighting strength of the cocks, and there are fights that last up to several hours.
  • In case the cock runs away or lies motionless for more than 5 minutes, the referee will end the fight and decide the winner.

What are the characteristics of Thomo Online cockfighting?

The characteristics of live Thomo cockfighting are always diversity, high thrill and transparency in the select experience.

  • Diverse types of cockfighting: Hundreds of legendary Thomo cockfighting games every day, creating diversity for players. Large select pool with attractive reward rates, increasing the fun of the game.
  • The match is highly thrilling: The cocks are carefully selected to ensure the quality and attractiveness of the match. The goal is to bring players matches worth watching and thrilling.
  • Ensuring transparency: There are main and secondary referees for each match for strict control and supervision. Each fighting action of the fighting cock is recorded to ensure fairness. The bonus amount and payout process are made public after each match, creating a transparent environment for players.

Introducing watching Thomo cockfighting online at  New88

In today’s era, participating directly in Thomo cockfighting events is very simple. However, players can also choose to follow online game portal websites. However, finding a reliable address to watch Thomo cockfighting is not easy. Therefore, we want to introduce to the player community a safe and reliable option, the game portal  New88.

 New88 provides entertainment through Thomo cockfights. The game portal is proud to be licensed by the leading CEZA organization,  New88 ensures to bring players unique and safe experiences. Here, you will never be lost in the world of online Thomo cockfighting.
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What are the advantages of Thomo cockfighting at  New88?

The advantages of participating in Thomo cockfighting at  New88 are not only limited to watching online but also include unique privileges that bring interesting experiences to bettors.

  • With the busy schedules of most players, being able to participate in online Thomo cockfighting at  New88 anytime, anywhere brings convenience and flexibility. Bettors do not need to travel to the Thomo cockfighting arena to still be able to enjoy and participate in exciting cockfighting matches.
  •  New88’s home page provides space for expert commentary on Thomo cockfighting games. Thanks to that, bettors better understand the situation and make smart select decisions.
  • Using modern transmission technology,  New88 ensures that players will receive sharp, smooth images and sound. The combat angle and image transmission speed are optimized. Players feel like they are participating directly at the Thomo cockfighting arena in Cambodia.
  • Commenting on online cockfighting matches not only helps players understand the situation but also creates more excitement and excitement during the viewing process. Along with high quality images, bettors will have a unique and exciting experience.

Thomo with many attractive forms of cockfighting

Currently, Thomo cockfighting often appears in two main forms: iron spur cockfighting and knife spur cockfighting.

  • Cockfighting with iron spurs: The cocks will be equipped with sharp iron spurs as weapons. This form is popular because of its thrill and high danger. Chickens equipped with iron spurs can launch effective attacks, creating unique and attractive cockfighting performances for the audience.
  • Knife spur cockfighting: Knife spur cockfighting uses small, sharp knives mounted on the spurs. This form requires a little more luck. The fighting cock will have to use knife spurs to create blows.


Above is information about Thomo cockfighting that is extremely attractive and deserves special attention and interest. The information in the above article will help you confidently choose and participate in cockfighting at New88.