Working and studying together can greatly benefit learners in terms of career aspects. You can save on time and earn on the side as well. However, often managing both is quite difficult. Hence, you must learn how to divide your time between academics and working hours.

If you are pursuing an online master degree data science then you may find it challenging to balance work and study. Here are a few tips to help you manage your time properly.

Tip 1: Plan ahead

The last thing you should do while working is cramming your work on the last day or the night before. It requires you to be fully engaged while you finish the projects and assignments. You must plan beforehand and consider priority tasks that must be done first.

You may journal your tasks every day. It means you can write which tasks you want to complete each day. You may build a to-do list for your everyday activities. The list can track the assignments or projects you need to complete on time. It provides you with a sense of achievement.

Tip 2: Consider your limits 

You may commit to working more hours than you can handle. Don’t panic in these situations, as these are quite common. You may want to consider the amount of work that can be done by you. You can also prioritize your tasks in this scenario and decide what needs to be done first.

Learning should be your primary goal. Your work is a source of financial support at this time, so make sure it does not come into your studying schedule. Hence, data science online masters programs can help. Try to understand and consider your limits when working and studying. 

Tip 3: Time properly

Most working professionals have to handle study and work. Hence, making sure that the time spent on studying is well worth it is a must. You should be productive and stay away from distractions. Instead, try to switch off social media for the moment and start studying for the future. 

Get your work done beforehand to free up time for extra activities. You will be left with more time to relax, chill, or maybe do an extra shift if needed. Remember that being a learner, you have ample time to study and work; however, you must not waste this time on other things.

Tip 4: Communicate

Tell your employer that you will be working and studying simultaneously is always a good idea. It helps maintain the trust and confidence in your work. They might be more flexible and let you study during your own hours. You can also tell them how you handle everyday work and the studying hours.

You must also discuss any concerns that you have with your employer. It will help you both come up with some answers in no time. Be straightforward at the first meeting itself and state your intentions with the job and future in the company. Data science online masters programs will help you in these as well.

Tip 5: Be healthy

Prioritize your mental and physical health. Working professionals often don’t take care of themselves in lieu of prioritizing their work over other things. Doing this over long periods can have bad effects on your health if you need to rest or go on a vacation.

It can become stressful when you’re managing so much in so little time. Hence, to be the best at learning, you should give yourself some break at regular intervals. Be sure to eat healthy aa well as include some physical activities in your routine if you can find the time. 

Tip 6: Create a schedule

When you are managing the duties of your job and studies, time management is critical. Create a thorough plan that includes time for work and study sessions. Prioritise projects based on their relevance and deadlines. To stay organized, you can use task management tools, planners, and calendars. 

Tip 7: Set goals

As an employee or a learner, you must set goals. Your goals can be both long-term and short-term. You can properly break down huge activities into small tasks. You can finish these in less time and with more efficiency. You can easily track your progress.

Tip 8: Utilize resources

Utilize the resources presented to you online. These can be courses that aid learners in their education. The courses also provide a way for them to handle their time properly between study and work. Learners can become more productive. Mentors help them easily study and work throughout.


It may be tough and intimidating trying to manage your work and study. Before starting, you must calculate your time and highlight essential tasks. Data science online masters programs can help you effectively manage your time between working hours and studying sessions.

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