Drowning is both a tragic and all too often preventable accident that occurs in a variety of different settings from swimming pools to rivers to oceans, and even bathtubs for smaller children and babies. So many times it takes nothing more than common sense and following basic safety protocols to avoid the unthinkable. Unfortunately, these types of deaths still occur far too frequently.

The first step to preventing these senseless tragedies is understanding the common reasons they occur and taking the necessary steps to avoid those situations. However, in cases where such a tragedy does occur, getting in touch with qualified and experienced drowning accident lawyers is critical in making sure that if the accident occurred as a result of the negligence of another party, those parties are held accountable.

To make our readers aware of the most frequent causes of drowning accidents, we’ve put together this list of 5 common occurrences:

  1. Swimming Pool Hazards

Pools that haven’t been properly maintained or that lack the right safety precautions are the biggest culprits of home drowning accidents. This includes things such as defective drains, absence of warning signs, and broken fences. These hazards are especially dangerous to young children.

  1. Lack of Supervision

Whether it’s in a swimming pool or a natural body of water, there should always be someone keeping an eye on swimmers. All it takes is a few seconds for tragedy to occur. And you should never leave children unattended near any type of water-based activity.

  1. Alcohol or Drug Use

This is among the most tragic and preventable of all drowning deaths. Drinking and recreational drug use are not at all uncommon around the water as these are usually the times when people are relaxing and having a good time. This type of case is one that drowning accident lawyers see far too often.

  1. Inadequate Swimming Ability

People who aren’t particularly good swimmers are at a much higher risk of drowning than those who are more skilled. This is especially true in natural surroundings where water conditions can change suddenly such as tide movements or waves.

  1. Boating or Other Watercraft Accidents

Finally, we come to boating accidents. Several factors can cause a crash including adverse weather, operator negligence, being under the influence of a substance, or equipment failure.

Your Best Legal Recourse: Hiring a Drowning Accident Lawyer

No matter what the cause of the accident might be, if someone or something else is responsible, the only reasonable step is to contact experienced attorneys in this field. Families have the right to seek legal recourse for any negligent behavior or faulty equipment that may have contributed to the incident in any way. They also have the right to seek compensation as a result.

By being aware of the common causes of these accidents, along with their legal implications, you can first take preventative steps to avoid suffering such a tragedy. And in the cases where it still happens, you can make sure those responsible are held accountable for their negligent actions.