Who wouldn’t love to come to a house with a delightful aroma? Once you step up to the room, you can feel the best atmosphere, which is both welcoming and calming. If you want to have this in your house, a must thing to do is to consistently care for and maintain your living space. Keeping your home spotlessly clean and adding a few extra touches can do wonders to ensure a long-lasting pleasant fragrance around your house.

However, no matter your best efforts, certain scents may linger around your house due to factors like cooking activities, food aroma, forgotten trash, and many other activities that can affect the scent around your house.

While it’s tempting to rely solely on air fresheners or scented candles, they might not always do the trick. To achieve a fresh and refreshing scent in your house, you should follow a comprehensive approach that we have curated below. Here are the key tips to ensure your home exudes a fresh and clean scent at all times!

1. Clean Your Rugs and Carpets

Carpets can hold onto odors, whether from pet accidents or food spills. Even after cleaning, lingering scents may persist and affect your room’s scent. To troubleshoot this issue, you can sprinkle baking soda across the carpet, then gently work it into the fibers using a soft-bristle brush. You can also let it sit for an hour or longer before vacuuming for a thorough cleaning. This method is equally efficient for mattresses and pet beds. 

2. Tackle the Garbage Disposal

If you detect an unpleasant odor in your kitchen, you should check under the sink because your garbage disposal might be the source of the unpleasant odor! To begin your quest for a deodorized home, you should address this issue immediately.

What you can do to remedy the situation, is by squirting some lemon-scented soap into the disposal. Next, switch on the water and activate the disposal to eliminate the odor. If the smell persists, another effective thing you can do is to rinse warm water down the garbage disposal while adding half a cup of baking soda. Consider using a small brush to clean behind the splash shield, to gently remove any debris that might be stuck underneath.

3. Banish Trash Can Odors

Given the mix of food remains and waste, trash cans are also another thing that is prone to unpleasant odors. To combat this issue, you should add baking soda as you replace the liner or sprinkle some atop the trash. To maintain freshness, you should also put a deodorizing pack underneath the liner. After thorough cleaning, use disinfectant spray on the lid’s sides and the rim area where odorous materials may splash.

4. Elevate Your Air Vents

Attach a car deodorizer to your air conditioner or heater vents for another effective solution to ensure freshness in your house. With the help of deodorizer, the fresh aroma from the deodorizer will be distributed throughout your space as the air circulates. This will help to create a consistently inviting environment in your house.

5. Decorate the House with Indoor Plants

Not only will it do wonders for the house design, but indoor plants can also serve as an effective way to purify the air. But to get the utmost effect, you should select aromatic varieties like gardenias, jasmine, or eucalyptus to get a natural and pleasing scent into your home. But do keep in mind that proper care for your indoor plants is essential to maintain their vibrancy and fragrance.

6. Strategic Scented Candle or Reed Diffuser Placement

Another effective solution to ensure your home aroma stays fresh at all times is by purchasing home essentials such as scented candles or reed diffusers to enhance the home fragrance. Optimize their effectiveness by placing a few in the best spots to absorb any bad smell such as in your toilet or laundry room.

7. Boil Slices of Citrus

If you prefer to utilize natural deodorizer instead, you can create it yourself by simmering water with slices of citrus and fragrant herbs like lavender or mint in a saucepan. When you are boiling this mixture, as a result, aromatic steam will infuse your space with a delightful scent that lingers. This is not only effective but also much more affordable at the same time!

These practical techniques will help guarantee your home smells wonderful at all times. Not only will you be able to enjoy a more comfortable living space, but you can also confidently welcome any guests who plan to visit your fresh-scented house without worry!