Let’s evaluate, analyze, and predict the Burnley match against Manchester United that will take place within the framework of the EnglishPremier League on September 24th at 02:00 on the websiteCakhia.

Burnley vs Manchester United

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In the 2023–24 season, Burnley appeared in the Premier League, but this team did not score in the first three games and went through a difficult Premier League test. In the first game on the home turf against Moore, Burnley lost 0-3 to league champions Manchester City.

The Red Devil has returned to its position

Next is a 1-3 loss to Aston Villa and a 2-5 loss to Tottenham. Burnley and Luton’s second-round match has been postponed and will take place on October 1st.

  • It wasn’t until the fifth round that Burnley scored the first point in this season’s Premier League. In the final game of the fifth round, they drew 1-1 with Nottingham Forest. In this game, the visiting team scored their first goal in Zeki Anduni’s goal, but Kalem Hudson Audi equalized the score for the home team.
  • In the final stoppage time of the game, Burnley was understaffed due to Lair Foster being sent off with a red card. Fortunately, there was too little time left in the game for the home team to score again.
  • Therefore, Burnley has remained unbeaten in both matches of this season at Forest City Stadium in Nottingham, after winning 1-0 in the second round of the League Cup. After scoring 1 point in the previous round.

Burnley still ranks 19th in the standings, slightly higher than Luton, who is at the bottom of the standings. After visiting London, Burnley will face Manchester United at home in the sixth round of the Premier League.

Burnley obviously leans towards the away team.

Under the leadership of Kompany, the home game did not bring a huge advantage to the team. According to statistics, since April 2022, Burnley has suffered five consecutive home defeats in the Premier League, conceding at least two goals per game.

  • On the battlefield, he has been very disappointed this season. In the previous match, My Dinh scored three goals for Bayern Munich but still failed 3-4 in the first round of the 2023/24 Champions League Group A match, despite Cassemiro’s double crown and Rasmus Horrend’s opening goal.
  • Manchester United did not break their bad record and suffered consecutive losses in the last three games of all games. Manchester United lost four out of six games this season, which has never happened since Ron Atkinson coached them in the 1986/87 season.
  • Manchester United have conceded 14 goals in all matches this season, making it the most conceded goal by any Premier League team. Manchester Red has lost 18 (51%) of the past 35 away games. Since March 2022, West Ham is the only Premier League team that has lost more away games than West Ham (20).

Manchester United is one of the four teams in the Premier League this season that did not score away from home. Statistics also show that the Red Devils have lost four of their last five away games.

You really need to defeat Burnley.

  • Currently, Manchester United ranks 13th in the league, scoring only 6 points in five rounds. Coach Eric Teng Hager is under tremendous pressure, and there are rumors that if the situation does not change quickly,
  • He may be fired. Now, he and his students must work hard to score three points in the game against Burnley; otherwise, the pressure will be even greater.
  • He may be fired next week. The home team of Old Trafford always performs well against Burnley, which has not lost to their opponents in five consecutive games, including four wins and one draw. Past performance can help Burnley score three points.

Due to being sent off with a red card in the match against Nottingham Forest, Lair Foster will be suspended for three consecutive games, including against Manchester United and two against Salford City and Newcastle United.

Analyze the records of two teams.

Due to various issues, Kompany also did not receive services from Michael Obafemi (hamstring), Hjalmar Ekdal (knee), and Darko Churlinov (blood poisoning). Concerns about Vitinho’s knee will also be evaluated in the coming days, but Jordan Bayer has recovered and will be included in the list.

Burnley and Manchester United have both performed poorly this season. After four games, Burnley only scored one point, while Manchester United only scored six points after five games. Burnley did not perform well at home; obviously, their level is lower than that of the Red Devils.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to regain victory. Both at home and away, Manchester United showed good form in the match against Burnley. At present, they are in a difficult situation, and there is a possibility of getting into trouble. With the ability of Erik ten Hag, he is likely to lead his students to win games to dispel the dark atmosphere surrounding the Old Trafford Stadium.

Manchester United and Burnley’s defense did not succeed in the early stages of this season. However, statistical data shows that these two teams have scored very few goals in recent matches. In the past six games, only four games have had a total goal count of no more than two.