Drivers with permits could get into complex car accidents. It is essential to understand the policies and regulations that are in place. Particular considerations need to be taken into consideration in such scenarios, like insurance coverage, leased cars, and the role of young drivers.

You have the right to seek damages from the driver of the learner’s permit who caused you harm. To find out more about your legal alternatives, contact a personal injury attorney in Queens. The specifics of accidents involving authorized drivers are discussed below, along with how your attorney can help you with managing the situation at hand.

How to sue a driver possessing a driver’s license for causing an accident?

Individuals with learner’s permits who are in the course of obtaining their driver’s licenses are referred to as permitted drivers.

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) states that authorized drivers are only allowed to operate:

  • While accompanied by a driver rehabilitation professional recognized by the BMV OR a licensed driving instructor 
  • With a licensed driver over 25 who is linked to you by blood, marriage, or status under the regulations

Drive time limits also apply to authorized drivers. They are allowed to drive from 5:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m. There may be an exception for emergencies, work- or school-related duties, or religious ceremonies.

Permitted drivers are subject to curfews and are restricted from carrying any passengers in their cars, with the sole exception of the licensed driver, who must be seated in the front seat. Immediate family members in the back seat are one exception to this rule.

How Do Permitted Drivers’ Insurance Policies Work?

Permitted drivers’ insurance coverage varies based on the individual insurance policies that they and the vehicle’s owner have.

The authorized driver usually gets insured by a family member’s or household member’s insurance policy. This shows that the policyholder’s insurance provider will supply the authorized driver’s primary insurance coverage.

What Happens If the Authorised Driver Uses a Borrowed Vehicle?

When driving a rented car and getting into an accident, a few things arise when it comes to insurance coverage and liability for the permitted driver.

In most cases, the primary coverage for incidents involving a rented car is the vehicle owner’s insurance. Any permitted driver, including an authorized driver, who has the authority to operate the vehicle may be protected by the owner’s insurance policy.