If you are looking for a corporate banking opportunity, there are usually two concerns you keep in mind: the security of your funds and the privacy of the account holder. There are a lot of traditional opportunities, of course, like European or offshore banking. All that is fine, but in this post, we would like to look off the beaten track to discover Comoros, a banking opportunity that those working with crypto are sure to appreciate.

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Comoros Digital Banking

If you have a high-risk business, engage in brokerage activities, or have an intricate company structure that may raise the suspicions of European banks, for instance, you may have difficulties opening a corporate account. However, a digital financial institution in Fomboni under the regulation of the Comoros may be just what you need.

The bank is not dependent on CRS/FATCA norms, which results in greater confidentiality for beneficiaries (which may be a decisive factor for you). The digital institution occupies a leading position among its competitors and complies with all international requirements related to the provision of banking services. Given all that, the Comoros-based bank is very popular with brokerage companies, offshore entities, and trusts (millionaires benefit from its services, too!).

The list of the digital bank’s services will be suitable for the majority of customers:

  • Personal/corporate accounts with multiple currencies available
  • Bank transfers using SWIFT/SEPA systems
  • Cryptocurrency transfers
  • Accounts in digital currency
  • Issuance of debit cards
  • Currency exchange at beneficial rates
  • Several options for opening savings accounts
  • Management of your assets kept in accounts, which involves the help with investment portfolio formation
  • Trading operations

And that is not all! If you are interested in some particular services that are not on the list, please get in touch with our experts and receive the information you need.

Comoros Multicurrency Account: Advantages

Let’s look at what you can get by using a multicurrency account in the Comoros-based financial institution:

  • If you need to exchange currency to make incoming/outgoing transactions, you will save on costs as the funds are converted in the course of payment processing without any fees payable or any additional efforts on the account holder’s part.
  • Trading with partners from different countries is very flexible and convenient: you will simply have to access your personal account without withdrawing/depositing money to make a transaction.
  • A multicurrency account on one platform will help you control all the processes and capital at once, and you will not need to open several bank accounts.
  • You can transfer funds quickly and securely from anywhere in the world thanks to convenient online banking and mobile apps.
  • You can open a multicurrency account in Europe as well. However, the account in Comoros will make it possible to deal with many more currencies than in Europe, including rare fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.
  • Private and corporate customers of the Comoros bank can take advantage of the capital diversification opportunities that it offers by participating in different investment projects.
  • If you need to open a merchant account to receive card payments, the bank we offer gives you this opportunity.

Who Are the Comoros Digital Bank Clients?

The majority of the bank’s customers are international corporations, wealthy individuals, enterprises with a presence worldwide, and brokers that make a minimum deposit of 1 million euros. However, companies that want to open a regular business account are also among its customers, and in this case, the minimum amount required as a deposit is 3,500 euros.

To be more specific, let’s look at the list of customers who may be interested in Comoros digital banking:

  • Transnational corporations that have representative offices all over the world
  • Branches of a company or trusts that carry out operations or hold assets in various countries using multiple currencies
  • Companies that have foreign employees
  • Entities that provide services in different countries, including online businesses, multinational investors, and so on.
  • Large importers and exporters that need to timely transfer and receive funds in various currencies quickly and safely.

Services Offered to Corporate Customers in Comoros

Non-resident companies can benefit from the following services provided by the Comoros digital bank:

  • Deposit accounts (in multiple currencies, including cryptocurrencies)
  • Transactions managed by highly-qualified back-office staff
  • Efficient compliance procedures in place to guarantee the security and speed of customer transactions
  • Individual customized sub-accounts
  • Trading and brokerage instruments
  • Tailored investment solutions (portfolio management, and so on)
  • Currency exchange (swaps, forward, spot, and lending)
  • Storage and trading in precious metals
  • Money transfers to different countries
  • Issuance of debit cards
  • Opening of acquiring (merchant) accounts
  • Personal financial consultant/business manager

Trading Opportunities

Use the products offered by the Comoros digital bank to minimize risks:

  • Each transaction is supported by a bank guarantee
  • Letter of Credit is an account that permits the transaction to be completed only if it meets certain conditions
  • Use a Standby Letter of Credit to secure the transactions that involve advance payments
  • Open a business account for a digital asset company
  • Benefit from a multicurrency account in crypto and fiat
  • Trade in crypto over the counter

Interested in opening an account off the beaten track? Contact our experts by following the above link and find out all the details you need to know!