India is a very big country and sometimes when you visit a different state far from your own, it feels like you are in a different country altogether. Languages, clothing, and food are some things that bind India despite the diversity and these are also the things representing the very diversity. The beauty of India is the people and places that are so different from each other and yet so united. North India vs. South India is one of the most discussed topics all over the country but you will also find people from North and South living together peacefully. 

The southern states have been very popular for many reasons, tourism, Ayurveda, food, spice exports and so much more. But the most popular and distinct feature of South India that has taken North India by storm equally is South Indian food. When hunger strikes plenty of people are found looking for South Indian restaurants near me. If you are also someone constantly craving the flavours of the South you are at the right place. In this blog, we will discuss South Indian food beyond Idli and dosa. So next time you order you do not miss out on the new cuisines because you didn’t know about them. 

Types Of South Indian Cuisines In South Indian Restaurants Near You

South Indian food isn’t just from one state in the south it is from 5 southern states Telangana, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. The union territories Pondicherry, Lakshadweep, and Andaman & Nicobar Islands also have an equal contribution to South Indian cuisine. The cuisines of all these states and territories have their own spices which are grown in their homelands, the level of spiciness also differs state-wise. When you search for “South Indian restaurants near me” you mostly look for limited options, with more information you can try many new South Indian dishes. 

There are some key ingredients widely used in the southern states for preparing their cuisine. Some of these ingredients are coconut, mustard oil & curry leaves. When looking for South Indian restaurants near you, one thing you definitely crave is the flavour of curry leaves. Their aroma is distinct in our memories long after we are done eating South Indian delicacies. Let’s discuss the different types of South Indian cuisines from all these states: 

Karnataka Food 

The food of Karnataka is mild in terms of spices when compared to the food of other states. The key ingredients in food from Karnataka are palm sugar, jaggery, and chilli. Karnataka is such a huge state with so many delicious dishes to offer. Many of these cuisines you can find in the South Indian restaurants near you. Unlike other states in the south, the cuisine from Karnataka can be divided into certain subcategories and they are: 

  • Coastal Karnataka has cuisines that are more based on seafood. The fish-based dishes of coastal Karnataka are widely popular. Meat, chicken, and fish are prepared in coconut oil and served with rice. 
  • North Karnataka has dishes that are more based on millet and rice. It is also full of spices and there are many pickles and chutneys that they eat with the food. 
  • Another name for South Karnataka cuisine is old Mysore cuisine and it is yet another popular cuisine among the southern states. Rice is served with thick curries which are sweet & sour at the same time. One of the most popular dishes in South Karnataka cuisine is Mysore Pak. 
  • Coorgi cuisine is very different from other Karnataka cuisines. This is not something you’ll commonly find when looking for South Indian restaurants near you. One of the favourite and most commonly used meats in this cuisine is Pork which isn’t popular in the rest of India. Apart from that, they also use a lot of Kokum in their food. 

Telugu Food 

When it comes to South Indian food Telugu food is the spiciest and the tangiest. There is a generous use of both chilies and tamarind in Telugu food so it is quite hot and tangy. Other major ingredients are coconuts and lentils. In the food of Andhra Pradesh the most famous dish is Hyderabadi Biryani. Some other Telugu food items are: rawa laddu, sakinalu, dosakaya, thotakura pappu, pulihara, and pesararru

Kerala Food 

The most popular South Indian cuisine in North India is the Kerala cuisine. It is in fact the most famous in the country! The key ingredient in plenty of Kerela food is coconut whether it is in whole form or in milk form. Seafood delicacies are also common there with the ease of availability of seafood in coastal areas of Kerala. The most common dish that you look for in South Indian restaurants near you, the “Masala Dosa” is a product of Kerala cuisine too. 

Tamil Nadu Food 

After Kerala cuisine, the most popular cuisine is from Tamil Nadu. There is a good balance of spicy & non-spicy and vegetarian & non-vegetarian. Many snacks and desserts from this cuisine are famous all over the country for eg. Medu Vada & Payassam. Chettinad cuisine is also a part of Tamil Nadu cuisine which is well known for being spicy. It is made with ground spices and there are many fans of its hot & pungent delicacies. 


Many South Indian restaurants near you are serving dishes from various parts of the south and now you can experience them in the comfort of your home. With the rising options to order food at home, it is very easy to enjoy all Indian and international cuisines without leaving the house. With online platforms like Swiggy now delivering mouth-watering dishes to your doorstep, you do not have to visit the South Indian restaurants near you to enjoy these delicious dishes. 

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