The game is outstanding and can help players earn income for themselves. Since its launch, this northern lottery game has caused a strong storm, causing many gamers to choose to go home. just to be able to participate in the game experience. Let’s read the article below 8Day to find out the details why this might be the case. Helps you get detailed insights into the Northern lottery format for players.

Learn about the Northern lottery game

Northern Lottery also known as (Capital Lottery) appeared 60 years ago and has been continuously maintained until now. Because the way to participate in playing XSMB is quite simple when you choose to buy lottery tickets, you can not only collect big winnings but also help contribute a small part in building the country. So it is currently chosen by many players to try their luck.

Structure of northern lottery prizes

The number of prizes between stations and the associated value will also have certain differences. In addition, XSMB will also have the following two prizes that come with extremely high quality and attractive value. :

Special extra prize: the player matches 5 numbers compared to the special prize but has a different symbol. This prize has a total of 12 prizes, with each prize worth up to 20,000,000 VND.

Consolation prize: with the ticket whose last 2 numbers match the last 2 numbers of the special prize. There will be a total of up to 15,000 prizes worth up to 40,000 VND.

Where to play the Northern lottery safely and reputably?

Players should choose for themselves a reputable and quality station that is highly appreciated by many people, thus ensuring the rights of participating players. Brings a lot of quality, effective experience information to players. Northern Lottery gives players the most quality and effective experience information.

Tips for participating in lottery games to get the best results

Currently, to participate in the lottery, players should clearly understand the details of the type and how to participate so that they can understand the process of participating in the game and experience a feeling of enjoyment and comfort for the user. experience. Let’s refer to detailed information about tips for participating in lottery games so that players can get the best practical knowledge.

Lottery selection is based on the player’s luck

Using date of birth, or the license plate or the serial number on the bill are known to be quite popular ways to participate in choosing prize numbers today. But now, players are also more creative when you can think of many other numbers related to common events in everyday life, and you can put your hope in that.

Play the lottery with scientific calculation

This form will help you be careful and calculate certain numbers for yourself. Bring the most effective experience to users. This form helps you get information from which to make scientific judgments, making it easier to win prizes with a higher probability than emotional select.

Participate in group play

This form is also quite simple. Compared to joining a group, you will receive a lot of support information from your group, thereby providing accurate assessment results. Bring more interesting experiences. Therefore, your results will also be more accurate during the opt-in process. Brings many exciting experiences as well as helps you bring attractive winning rewards from the house.

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game portal – a safe and reputable place to bet

It can be said that when choosing any game portal to participate in select, players should clearly understand the detailed information to ensure players choose a reputable game portal to experience. Helps you get the most specific and general perspective, thereby also ensuring your rights when participating in playing experiences on the house system.


With content and detailed information about the Northern lottery category 8day helps players get a specific and detailed perspective, thereby having interesting and safe experiences. This is also one of the useful information to help players choose the northern lottery to clearly understand safety information during the selection process. This form is also chosen by many people in the select information system for today’s market.