A demolition hammer is a powerful tool designed specifically to destroy structures, sometimes called a stomping hammer. They are strong enough to break different materials such as walls, tile flooring, and wooden and concrete surfaces. It’s heavy and mainly used to break different types of substances.

This article focuses on what a demolition hammer is about, Various parts to check when looking for such a tool, and what factors to consider before buying a particular hammer.

Due to the increased development of modern structures, the demand for demolition tools has increased swiftly. Therefore, the rise in demand must be satisfied with quality tools and cost-effectiveness. It has escalated the demand for the device, hence, a need to identify a legitimate hammer for this process. Below are vital factors to consider before deciding to buy one.

Affordability and effectiveness

When purchasing a demolition hammer, consider the human factor and their safety. The demolition hammer price in Kenya must be reasonable and within the budget. Also, the tools must be able to execute the task effectively.

Adjustable handles

Depending on the demolition area, the hammer must be adjustable to suit each area of operation. It gives the user a clear interface and optimal features to assist on various heights, twists, and bends without losing leverage.

Speed control

Surfaces vary; hence, a demolition hammer with a variable speed regulator and other features that enhance efficiency are needed. Carbon brushes and light emitting diode enable the hammer to penetrate the surfaces easily.

When purchasing the demolition hammer for a heavy project, check the anti-vibration system; this allows workers to work safely and avoid diseases associated with vibration, such as hand-arm vibration syndrome.

Size and Weight

Considering the height of demolition structures, surfaces, and technicians, weight varies from lighter to heavy duty. Sometimes, depending on how large the structure is being demolished, the operator might carry the machine for a longer period; therefore, to avoid fatigue, the lighter hammer is recommended.

A lighter demolition hammer might not work efficiently when dealing with concrete walls that require great impact to break; therefore, heavy-duty is recommended.


The demolition process is very tricky and thus requires the best chisel to facilitate penetration easily without damaging the floor. Also, some layers are fragile and need a standard recommended demolition hammer with a right chisel and a flat chisel with a wide cross-section to lift large materials.

Availability of Spare parts and Durability

Check the spare part material available for the hammer you are buying, such as cylinder, piston, shaft, and rod. The hammering shaft help to transfer the impact energy and hence more force, increasing the excavation speed. Also, the hammer must be durable to serve the purpose it’s meant for

Beats per minute

The more times the chisel strikes the surfaces, significantly influences its performance. The more the number of strikes, the faster the concrete break through the surfaces. However, this does not mean that a higher BPM guarantees the best results in breaking through the thicker concrete, but the combination of impact and energy makes it possible to break through the hard surfaces.


In summary, this article defines the key features to consider when buying a demolition hammer. Demolition hammer price in Kenya varies with manufacture, brand name, and the nature of the work the hammer is intended to do. When purchasing, consider the hammer’s surface, price, and flexibility.