A meat-cutting machine is used in places dealing with meat to slice up chunks of meat to the required sizes and weights. This eases the packaging and selling of meat according to the orders received.

In Kenya, meat-cutting machines go for different prices in different places; this is attributed to various factors, which become very important when you intend to acquire one for your business.

This article will outline all the factors one needs to assess before making a purchase.

The following are the factors to assess when buying the meat cutting machine in Kenya;

When buying the machine, consider acquiring one whose blade is set to minimize the chances of self-injury, the ease of handling and slicing meat, etc. Consider a device with a blade for cutting through flesh and a blade for cutting through bone. This ensures that the blades can be used longer before the need for replacement or sharpening arises.

  • Durability

Meat cutting machines that come guaranteed with a long lifespan will save you unnecessary costs/expenditures of repair and maintenance or acquiring new devices. So it is advisable to go for machines that have all their parts durable enough to work for you for a more extended period.

  • Availability of accessories

In some cases, when you want to repair or replace some parts of your machine, you incur heavy shipment costs and delays, which negatively affect your business operations. When acquiring a meat-cutting machine, always ensure the brand boasts around-the-clock customer service and easy access to accessories and spares.

  • Size of the machine

Imagine buying a machine that occupies most of your floor space in the room; it becomes an issue moving around and even using the same device; therefore, consider buying a machine that could only occupy a small space of your working area, leaving enough room for movement and other operations.

  • Price/Cost

The meat cutting machine price in Kenya is a factor you should always consider if you want to acquire a machine. Always consider getting one that is within your budget limits. Sometimes the price does not directly translate to the quality of the material, and therefore, this should be considered last.

  • Material

The machine you choose should be durable, withstand constant wetting & easy to clean in all areas. This is because some materials may quickly undergo wear and tear, including parts rusting, which increase the costs of running the machine, which might need to be more prudent in the first place.

  • Vendor

Consider acquiring your machine from a trustworthy vendor with a history of quality products, warranty/service, and capacity to avoid acquiring equipment from intermediaries or second-hand dealers who are only out to make a profit.


In summary, it is evident that whereas price is the bottom line determinant of the machine you will get, acquiring one does not solely depend on the availability of funds or need for the device but also on other factors that ensure the tool’s reliability.