Welcome to our buying guide to help you to get the ideal flooring for every single room of your home. While attempting to get some rewiring and other needed electrical work done in the kitchen it isn’t the time to learn about knob and tube wiring in some of the house’s additional “undiscovered” rooms.

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What to know for picking up flooring materials are; price, eco-friendliness, style, durability and the value it adds to your house. I will also give you the prices on the most popular types of floorings. Enjoy!


Think about the different rooms that are in a house and put in floors that are appropriate for those areas. For areas with heavy traffic, such as hallways, consider something that has a little bit of color and is dark and durable. Dark colored floors are easy to maintain for high traffic plus you do not have to clean them as often. Areas such as the kitchen, basement, and bathroom, where you have to go outside to get there, should have a wet floor in case of any spills. If you accidentally spill something on that type of floor, you can just easily grab your mop and mop it up. A frequently wet room will probably be humid, choose a floor that will not be damaged by any moisture in the air.  

Water Exposure

If the water gets on the floor, remove it immediately. Accessories in the bathroom like the towel rod, soap dish, etc. must be rust and mold resistant. If possible, choose the bathroom essentials that can be easily cleaned and do not require to be rubbed to remove the dirt. Glass, vinyl, linoleum, tile or marble are typically made to be highly resistant to water or other moisture components that are commonly seen in a bathroom flooring.

Size of the Area

Choosing a pattern or color of flooring is all about how big your room is. In some cases, you could probably get away with darker colors, but those really look best in a huge living room or something equally large. Lighter colors work best to make a smaller room appear larger. Conversely, a darker floor will make a big room seem a tad bit smaller and cozy.

Age of the Home

Though style is important when it comes to flooring, it’s important to remember the age of your home and to pick accordingly.

Choosing the Right Flooring for Specific Rooms


Durable, water resistant and easy to clean. The three things that, I am sure you will agree, are very important on a kitchen floor. Now, these can be found in three different types of flooring material, wood, ceramic tile and vinyl.

Living Room

When picking out flooring materials for your living room take the time to consider both function, style, and comfort. Flooring should be thought of as not just something for walking on. Hardwood, vinyl, carpet and laminate are all popular types of flooring that can look good anywhere in your home. Not only do they look great but they are tough work too.


There are two of the many considerations when you want to buy flooring. What are they? They are comfortable and stylish. Carpeting is the first type of flooring style. Each person has their own comfort. Now this is winter. So, the carpeting can make the customer comfortable. The carpeting quality is up to you. The carpeting you want is of less quality so the carpet prices are down with the market. For example a two room carpet is six hundred ninety-nine dollars. The wood flooring is the second one of the flooring you can see. The quality of the wood is so high. So, the wood price is high quality too, for example a wood of the pricing is two thousand dollars. The wood product is always kept up to high quality. The third one of the flooring is laminate flooring. The laminate flooring is not wood. The laminate flooring is the hardwood look. The laminate flooring has a difference for the wood. What is the difference for wood of the laminate flooring? The prices of the laminate flooring are always sliding. The laminate flooring is cheaper than wood, for example a quality of wood is four thousand dollars. The quality of the laminate floor is high.


What is expected to be on every homeowner’s wish list, but is also the hardest to achieve is, to have; bathroom that is as comfortable in bare feet as in the winter, and yet be uninspiring, stylish and also practical when needed.


Moisture resistance is important so that your flooring won’t be making for a great deal of stress when the first few drops of rain start to fall and to help be more comfortable. Perfect examples of cellar flooring are: vinyl, ceramic tile, and concrete.


The flooring in a home can transform its look and establish the mood and feeling for each room, so choose wisely. For each room in your home, analyzing the function of the room and what type of furniture and decor will go well in your home is important. By analyzing each room correctly you will be able to have the correct flooring to make your home both functional and beautiful.

Flooring comes in a variety of options. Carpets are not very useful with a lot of moisture.  If you have a bathroom or near the house exit door for the outside pool it is not recommended to have a carpet there. Hardwood is the way to go if you want the floor to look elegant and is a timeless floor type. Hardwood can bring out the elegance of all the rooms. Hardwood can be brought back to life, after many years of wear the wood can get scratched up. Laminate is very similar to engineered wood. Engineered wood is the much cheaper way to go and still will last longer. Engineered wood is similar to laminate because all laminate is several layers of wood compacted together but engineered wood is real wood. Again, ideal for any of the choices we have made available to you but only recommended if your floor may be subject to heavy moisture or high traffic. Laminate is the most versatile and possibly easiest to install flooring.

Installing natural stone in your home adds a sense of luxury. It is durable, though somewhat expensive and once more, you would have to purchase cleaning chemicals. Linoleum is eco-friendly and cheaper than other floorings but does not have the appeal that some homeowners are searching for. It may also show more signs of wear than other types of flooring over time. 

An important thing to keep in mind when selecting floor ideas, is that nobody created floor plans. All spaces will be slightly different and although it may appear a great idea to associate with one, everyone has preferences that may be very different from your own that’s  something made just for you. It is important to think about what room fits your needs and doesn’t over complicate your expectations.