How to play fish shooting game Currently, many players are interested and searched for in the community. Especially for those who know this game genre for the first time, they will certainly be eager to know how to play. Below, we will give you complete and detailed instructions on how to participate in this game.

Concept of fish shooting game

Fish shooting game is certainly a familiar name to many bettors on the market today. This game is highly appreciated by users thanks to its graphic quality and simple gameplay. In fact, playing fish shooting games does not require participants to have too many complex skills like other games. As long as you focus on flexibly using hand operations on the screen, you can successfully hunt for rewards.

Previously, to be able to participate in this prize hunting game, you needed to go to shopping centers with available machines. But at the present time, when technology has been extremely developed, people can hunt for prizes through online fish shooting games. Since then, this game has been widely covered and quickly became a national game.

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How to play fish shooting game

Before participating in any game, not just fish shooting, everyone needs to learn the rules and how to participate. In playing the fish shooting game, you just need to choose the appropriate weapon and aim at the targets on your screen. However, you cannot always hunt without calculation like this.

Because currently, most prize hunting games like this will have additional select levels. This opens up opportunities to get rich for many bettors who participate. Therefore, before starting, don’t forget to choose the appropriate bet level and then proceed with the reward hunting activities.

How to play fish shooting game using tips

Reality shows that getting a lot of bonuses from fish shooting games is quite difficult. Because depending on the setup of each species, the difficulty of participating in hunting will be different. So, to make your fish shooting game more professional, let’s apply the following tips.

Use mustache tips

When participating in this prize hunting game, many people often make the mistake of only focusing on large creatures and ignoring small creatures. In fact, if you are just starting out in the game, small fish will be an ideal target to accumulate bonus coins. This is a way to play the fish shooting game that brings greater efficiency than reality and will help you accumulate many bonus points.

Therefore, to use this trick effectively, you need to take advantage of the smallest shooting angles to kill many small creatures at the same time. At the same time, turn the gun barrel around the herds of small creatures to earn yourself a bonus amount of coins from them.

How to play fish shooting game with bullets

The creatures in the fish shooting game are not as easy to defeat as you might think. Therefore, you should pay attention to observe and determine the right time for big and small fish to appear at the same time. Next, use every type of ammo and weapon in your inventory to attack them as quickly as possible.

With this trick, you can kill many different types of sea creatures that appear right at the shot location at once. This trick is like you are creating a net. When the net is thrown out, all living creatures at that time will be caught.

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Single fish hunting

Another interesting way to play the fish shooting game that you should try is to focus on hunting single creatures. With these species, you do not need to use large bullets, just using small and medium bullets is enough. In the process of shooting at them, if you feel that after about 3 to 5 shots you still haven’t been defeated, you should give up and switch to another target to avoid wasting resources.


How to play fish shooting game has now been changed with many included tips to increase the fun of the game. Players today can find a lot of experience or playing tips from experts on select forums. So, if you are new to this type of game, slowly learn how to play and discover many reward hunting options for yourself.