How to play Uno Quite interesting, can attract players into exciting rounds quickly. However, not everyone today clearly understands how to play correctly to participate in this card game. Therefore, the information shared below 789bet article will be a guide to the most specific rules and procedures for playing Uno for readers to refer to.

Introducing Uno

Uno is one of the games that belongs to the boardgame genre. This game first appeared in the 70s of the 20th century, the father of Uno was Merle Robbins, and was produced by Saltzman Printers company.

Introducing Uno

After a while, realizing the development potential of the Uno card game, toy company Mattel decided to buy it. With how How to play Uno card game  full of fun, the number of people interested and participating has been increasing. Currently, they have become a favorite form of entertainment for many office workers as well as fun meetings.

Instructions on how to play Uno correctly

In the Uno deck there will be a total of 108 cards, the number of players can range from 2 to 8 which is best. When entering the game, each person will be dealt any 7 cards. After that, the game starts with the rules we introduce below.

How to play basic Uno – Rule 1

The most basic rule is that players use cards of the same color or number as the previous player. Regardless of whether the value is higher or lower, as long as they are guaranteed to be the same color or value.

For example, if the previous player plays a red 6, you can play a red 4 or a green 6 to block. If you don’t have any 6s or red cards, you will draw 1 more card from the pile. If the card is the same color or value, play it out. If not, the player must keep the card, increasing the total number of cards in hand.

Play function cards

Functional cards will be a lifesaver for players when they do not have cards to block the opponent. Especially the black cards in the middle have 4-color points, you can play them down at any time.

In How to play Uno card game Normally, when you play function cards, you need to choose a new color for the round to continue. This is also an advantage so members can change the outcome of the game.

Instructions on how to play standard Uno card game

If the function cards have a +2 symbol, the next person will draw 2 more cards from the venom, +4 similarly. If 2 players consecutively play function cards, the third person must draw from the pile the total number of cards added from the 2 function cards together.

Some other function cards will not be able to apply the above playing method such as reversal, silent cards, etc. They will be printed in the correct color, players can play when encountering a previous card of the same color.

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Rules for calculating points at the end of the round

How to play Uno will be conducted according to the above rules until someone runs out of cards. That person will also be the winner. The remaining members will rely on the remaining cards in their hand and calculate the total points to know how many points they have.


  • The point values ​​are totaled, the person with the highest score loses.
  • For numbered cards, the correct calculation method is applied to the number of points recorded above.
  • Basic function cards such as +2, no turn, mute are assigned 20 points.
  • Black function cards will be assigned 50 points.

In one  How to play Uno card game  Basically, the way to determine the winner after all rounds is the person with a total of 500 points. Specifically, the remaining points of other players will be added to the winner of each round, until someone gets 500 points then stops.

Interesting rules in Uno

When learning How to play Uno card game , you will see some interesting things to increase your chances of winning. Specifically:

  • Combo rules: mentioned in the article, players can use function cards to play cumulatively. Until the player does not have any function cards, they will be the one to draw the total number of cards that the previous function cards dropped.
  • Double play rule: this Uno card game will understand that the player has the right to play 2 cards of the same color and number at the same time. This will be a way to help reduce the number of your articles quickly.


Interesting rules when entertaining with Uno

If applicable these  How to play Uno card game  Be flexible, victory will surely come to you easily. Therefore, learning carefully will not be a waste of effort, they will all be helpful for the complete competition process.


How to play Uno 789BET bookmaker shared quite detailed information in the article. If you want to find an interesting entertainment game, what are you waiting for? Try it today.