M88 is one of the top reputable online betting websites in Asia. Not only does it provide a diverse range of betting games, but the process of depositing and withdrawing money at M88 is also fast, secure, and highly reliable. In this article, we will explore in detail how to withdraw money from your M88 account and important notes to consider.

Step-by-step guide to withdrawing money from M88

M88 supports various withdrawal methods, giving players flexible and easy options to execute. To withdraw money from your M88 account, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Log in to your M88 account

Before you can withdraw money from your M88 account, you need to log in to your account by accessing the official M88 website at https://mfa-pmr.org/. Enter your correct login credentials, including your username and password, to access your account.

  • Step 2: Access the “Withdraw” section

After successful login M88, find the “Withdraw” section on the M88 homepage.

  • Step 3: Choose the withdrawal method

M88 offers various withdrawal methods for you to choose from. You can select bank transfer, e-wallet, or other online payment methods. Review these methods and choose the one that suits you.

  • Step 4: Enter withdrawal information

After choosing the withdrawal method, you will need to provide the necessary information. For example, if you choose bank transfer, provide your bank account number and bank name. If you use an e-wallet, enter the relevant information related to your e-wallet.

  • Step 5: Confirm and complete the withdrawal

After entering all the necessary information, double-check and confirm the withdrawal. M88 will review your information and proceed with the withdrawal process. The processing time may vary depending on the withdrawal method you choose.

Important notes when withdrawing money from M88

When withdrawing money from your M88 account, here are some important considerations:

  • Ensure you provide accurate and valid information to avoid any issues during the withdrawal process.
  • Check the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits at M88 to ensure you comply with their requirements.
  • Take note that the processing time for the withdrawal may vary depending on the method and payment service you choose. So, be patient if the process takes some time.
  • If you encounter any issues or have questions, contact M88’s customer service for assistance. They will help you resolve any withdrawal-related problems.


The above steps provide a detailed guide on how to withdraw money from your M88 account. We have covered each step of the withdrawal process at M88 and important considerations when withdrawing money. Make sure you follow the process and check the necessary information to ensure successful and secure transactions.