Bai Tan et How to play Tan how? Perhaps these are issues that are receiving the attention of many people. So let’s learn details about how to play this type of card right here with New888.

Discover some details about the song Tan

Bai Tan originates from Russia and has developed in Vietnam in recent years. This is one of the quite popular card games with a deck of 52 cards. In playing Tan, the value as well as the strength and weakness of the cards will be determined at the beginning.

To participate in this game, there are currently many different ways. You can play the traditional version of cards or you can play online select games from reputable game portals and game portals on the market.

Instructions on how to play Tan for new players

How to play Tan is relatively simple, everyone just needs to complete the steps listed below:

  • A game must have at least 2 players and play counterclockwise
  • Each player will be dealt 8 cards by the dealer. After that, the remaining cards will be placed face down on the floor and one card will be drawn and turned face up.
  • Whatever suit the face-up card belongs to, that suit will be dominant in that hand. For example: The face up card is 5 of diamonds, then in this game 2 of diamonds is the lowest card and A of diamonds is the card with the highest value.
  • The person playing Tan has the right to play any card he wants, but it is best to play from the small card to the main card. At that time, the opponent will have to play cards of the same suit and have a higher value.
  • In case the opponent can block the attack, at this time the opponent will become the attacker, all previously attacked cards will be discarded.
  • In case the opponent cannot block the attack, the person who blocked the attack will have to attack with his or her other cards. Finally, the face-down card will be drawn to see who will be the new round winner.
  • And keep doing that until a winner is found (the first person to run out of cards).

Rules in Tan that you should know

Besides how to play Tan, you need to firmly grasp the rules in Tan card game such as:

Rules about cards

  • Playing Tan is similar to playing Ta La or Phom, Tien Len,…all use a deck of 52 cards and the level of strength will gradually increase in order from 2 – Ace.
  • The first card turned face up at the bottom of the pile will be the trump card. This will determine the quality of the master card in that hand. For example, if the first card drawn is 7 of spades, the suit of spades will be the master and 2 of spades will be the smallest, Ace of spades will have the highest value.

Rules on how to deal cards

  • The participants in the game will decide who will be the dealer
  • Each player will be dealt 8 cards. After finishing dealing, proceed to pick the cards from the pile to decide which suit will dominate.

Rules for the first Attack

The way people often use it to figure out the first turn to attack is for someone to pick a card from the bottom and face that card up. No matter how valuable the card is, you will count as many times as possible. The last person in the counting round will be the first to play Tan.

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Rules on how to arrange cards

In playing attack, the rules on card arrangement are also extremely important. Unlike many other game genres such as playing Tien Len, playing Phỏm, etc., stacking cards usually involves arranging individual cards to attack or block. The captain will be kept separately, the remaining cards will be kept separate to minimize the possibility of misplaying.

Things to note when playing card games online

Finally, in addition to practicing how to play Ton skillfully, you also need to pay attention to important issues when playing Ton, specifically as follows:

  • When it’s your turn to play a card but you make a move that makes other players understand that you passed the turn, you can’t come back
  • When it’s your turn to play, if there is talk about the card you intend to play, you must put it down and you are not allowed to change it. In case the card cannot be lowered by lying, the card can be defeated immediately
  • When the previous player is thinking and has not yet made an official decision to put down their cards but the next player hastily puts down their cards, the first player has the right to force that person to hold up their cards and must definitely accept having their cards revealed.
  • You have the right not to let other players know how many cards you currently have left
  • You are not allowed to count or check the cards that have been dropped, the only thing to do at this time is mental calculation.

All shared above how to play attack From the game portal NEW88, perhaps it has helped you know how to play and the most accurate rules of the game. Hopefully, this useful information can help you win valuable bonuses.