Newcastle vs Crystal Palace (October 21, 21:00): Roy Hodgson’s Headache

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This season, Crystal Palace has hardly scored in matches. Facing Newcastle, a tenacious defensive team, the host country will definitely face a challenge that is not easy to solve.

Determine the match between two strong teams in the English Premier League.

The match between Newcastle and Crystal Palace was analyzed and evaluated. Before entering this round, Newcastle ranked eighth. The team went through an unsuccessful period, but now they have regained confidence and determination.

Eddie Howe and his students defeated Sheffield United 8-0 and shocked Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain. Due to these impressive achievements, Newcastle hope to maintain a high level in the match against Crystal Palace.

Despite the team’s good form, Newcastle’s concentration brought much-needed rest. The stinging pain has begun to feel the pressure of fighting on multiple fronts. After halftime, many Newcastle players will recover from injuries, including Jolington, Alexander Isaac, and Joe Willock. Anthony Gordon will also make a comeback after his suspension.

Harvey Barnes is the only person in Newcastle who has been absent for a long time. In addition, due to illegal gambling, Sandro Tonali will face a suspension of several years. In order to facilitate the investigation, the Italian player was removed from the list.

However, head coach Eddie Howe confirmed that Tonali will continue to play for Newcastle United until the fine takes effect.

The Palace defense will face severe challenges in the match against Newcastle. Host St. James’ Park leads the Premier League in the goal expectation index (17.5). Only Brighton has scored more goals in the Premier League this year than Newcastle.

Newcastle’s attack is very effective in serving situations and also very dangerous in fixed ball situations. Since the beginning of last season, Kieran Tripier has created no less than 89 fixed football opportunities in the Premier League. This is 28 more opportunities than any other player in the top five in Europe.

Analyze the goal records of two teams.

The upcoming confrontation between Crystal Palace and Newcastle has attracted people’s attention, as the evaluations of the two teams are not poor. However, Newcastle was considered overwhelming in this game. With home advantage and the best strength, Newcastle seems to be in a favorable position. However, the palace always feels uneasy about its effective collective defense. Therefore, Newcastle’s victory was not easy.

It is expected that there will be less than 2.5 goals in this game, as the palace is forced to focus on defense due to personnel shortages. This clearly limits the number of goals scored in the game. In addition, there have been few goals scored in the Palace’s matches this season, so overcoming two goals is not easy.

On the contrary, the Crystal Palace is now showing signs of decline. In the final round of the game, the team drew 0-0 at home with Nottingham and were even overwhelmed by their opponents. In the past five games, Crystal Palace has only won one and lost two. The reason for this decline is not difficult to understand. The team lost two core forwards, Ezer and Olis.

Newcastle always encounter difficulties in their matches against Crystal Palace. There is evidence to suggest that in the past six games, Ch í ch è has only achieved one win, four draws, and one loss. However, perhaps this time Newcastle will have the opportunity to end the curse and surpass Crystal Palace.

After an unstable start to the season, Newcastle’s performance is now better than ever before. After losing 1-3 to Brighton in early September, Newcastle remained unbeaten in the past seven games and won five victories. It is worth noting that over the past month, Eddie Howe’s team has shown resilience. For example, in the case of the Rossoneri, they had a goalless draw with Milan at San Siro. In addition, Newcastle defeated Paris Saint-Germain 4-1 in the Champions League group stage.

However, if West Ham drew 1-1 in the last few minutes of the previous round, Chi Chi è’s score could be even higher. Overall, Newcastle maintained good stability during this period.