Minced meat refers to finely ground beef. A meat mincer is a machine that helps grind or crush flesh at home or in business setups like butcheries and hotels. Moreover, it can mince and crush other foodstuffs like vegetables, spices, and cereals. Some machines use electric power, while others are manually operated.

This article focuses on the working mechanisms of the meat mincer and factors that influence the prices in Kenya.

While working with a manual meat miner, your energy plays a vital role. First, the grinder is placed on a raised flat surface like a table, and a hand crank is turned to cut the meat. On the other hand, electric miners are more sophisticated and automated.

Most people prefer the electric meat mincers over the manual ones. Such machines are faster and more efficient.

Moreover, they are less laborious compared to manual meat miners. They also process more significant amounts of meat than manual machines. However, they are more costly than manual machines.

Factors determining the price of a meat mincer

The features present in a mincer machine directly affect meat mincer price in Kenya. However, much interest should be in investing in a quality machine rather than the cost. Here are six factors that influence the price of a meat mincer;

  1. The reverse function helps unclog the motor to prevent blockage as it rotates. It causes the engine to rotate reversely, as its name suggests. In so doing, the motor releases remain or any meat particles all the meat remains.
  2. Power – The workload present determines the energy needed. For instance, in a business setting like a hotel, you must process large portions of meat, unlike in a household setting. Therefore, one will need a higher power mincer for efficiency and effectiveness. Some grinders offer up to 3000 watts of power while others provide as low as 800 to 1200 watts. Your choice of hero will be based on your workload. Electric meat mincers can grind soft bones such as those from poultry and rabbits.
  3. Time- Grinders with higher power will grind lots of meat quickly compared to those of low energy. The former is expensive but effective.
  4. Material – One should be careful of what the fabric of the grinder is made of. These materials should be food-friendly to prevent poisoning. Cutting plates should be made of stainless steel for durability. Stainless steel is rust-resistant and easy to clean.
  5. Overload protection – It works to prevent overheating of the miner when overloaded. Mincers with this feature are more costly than those without.
  6. Package weight- Mincers with a large capacity are more efficient as they accommodate large amounts of meat.


The aforementioned factors will be helpful in buying a suitable device that will be a worthwhile investment. Conducting further research is always advisable so as to be well versed. As a result, this piece will be a great reference tool for anyone seeking to venture into the butchery business. For more, check https://meatmincermachine.co.ke