Washing floors and carpets may be tiresome and not welcome by most people. Even after struggling, you may still be unsatisfied with the outcome. Buying a vacuum cleaner is essential at this point. Vacuum cleaner prices vary in Kenya based on the machine’s quality, type, and features. However, always go for the best quality that fits your needs despite the price.

This article discusses the factors to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner which have an impact on the vacuum cleaner price in Kenya;

Use of the vacuum cleaner

Different types of vacuum cleaners are suitable for a particular need. For instance, you may need an upright vacuum cleaner to clean your carpets. Such vacuum cleaners are tall with handles making them easy to operate. They are heavy to be able to clean a vast surface area.

When cleaning under furniture like sofa sets, canister vacuums are more efficient. These vacuum cleaners are more flexible and light. This makes them easy to be lifted when cleaning. Moreover, they are used to clean upholstery and drapes. However, they are the most expensive.

The efficiency of the vacuum cleaner

Some vacuum cleaners are more efficient in cleaning than others. For example, canisters and upright vacuum cleaners are more potent than stick vacuums. However, stick vacuums are lighter and more portable as they have a small power head and waste bin. They are used for simple cleaning.

Features of the vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners with more advanced features are desirable. However, this may make them more costly than the less sophisticated machines. Consider buying a cleaner with features that are useful to you. Such features include; a motorized brush, corded or minus cords, and height adjustments, among others.

Another essential feature is the presence or absence of a bag. Based on your preference, you may want a vacuum cleaner that is bagged or bagless. Those that have no bags are cheaper as they have a reusable bin. Those with bags need occasional replacing, making them more expensive.

Choice of the supplier

Buying from a known supplier is essential to get a quality product. This is because they stock renowned brands that you can be confident in. Suppliers with many years of experience dealing with vacuum cleaners are the best.

Maintenance cost

Because vacuum cleaners are appliances, they must be handled carefully and regularly. It would be best if you also looked for debris-caused blockages. Failure to remove the excess debris will result in a machine malfunction. To extend the life of the vacuum, it is best to clean the attachments.


The vacuum’s engine is the motor. The power of the motor determines the number of watts required by the vacuum. Strong motors provide strong suction power, which aids in cleaning tough surfaces, whereas low-power motors assist in cleaning softer surfaces.


A filter is used to separate dust from heavy solid objects. If heavy solid particles get into the interior of your appliance, they can cause damage. A post-motor filter prevents particles from being released into the air from the exhaust, and a HEPA [high-efficiency particle arrestor] captures up to 99.9% of most particles. This filter is useful for people who have respiratory issues or allergies.


Vacuum cleaners are extremely effective cleaning tools.