Safety boots are always necessary, especially when working in an environment where there is a risk of getting injured on foot. Good safety boots are designed to protect one from potential hazards.

Different brands manufacture different types of safety boots. The safety boots price in Kenya could range depending on the popularity of the design and quality. Good safety boots should ensure value for money and the best for the workplace. Choosing the right safety boots has some factors that an individual needs to consider. They need to know the level of protection required, the size of a safety boot, and the height to ensure comfort, leading to more productivity of an individual in their workplace, and last but not least, the workplace risks.

Types of Safety Boots

The most recommended safety boots are 15cm to 21 cm tall. They prevent most risks like chemical, thermal and are anti-slip. Most people who need this are those working in industrial areas, construction sites, and so on. Below are listed varieties of boots;

M-8027 (High Cut)

These boots are oil resistant, so they are perfect for working in chemical industries. They are also chemical resistant. They are anti-static, so they are suitable for places or sites that deal with electricity. They are petrol resistant. They are also slip-resistant, meaning they have a good sole with the best grip to ensure that an individual does not slip or slide in their work or site.

L-7163 (Low Cut)

These water-resistant safety boots are perfect for sites with water on the ground. They are also oil and petrol resistant, which is ideal for individuals dealing with heavy machinery in a factory. In addition, they have a midsole plate to ensure protection from sharp objects on the ground and whenever they walk.

L-8222 (Low Cut)

These safety boots are standard for most workplaces as they ensure comfort. They are oil and petrol-resistant, chemical resistant, and have genuine leather.


These types of boots are light as they do not contain metal. They are very flexible and could be used in construction, industry, and water companies as the leather is genuine and water resistant. It is also anti-static.


These types of safety boots are dedicated to construction sites and industry maintenance. They are shock-absorbent and water-resistant. They are also oil and petrol resistant.

They also have genuine leather and are very comfortable, especially for individuals working long hours.


In summary, in as much as not everybody needs some safety boots in their line of duty, keeping our feet safe from dangers is essential, as mentioned in the above article. Safety boots could also be used for those who work in the bakery, those who offer cleaning services, and so on. We all need to stay safe, regardless.

One can get the best prices of safety boots in Kenya after ample research has been done. Fortunately, safety boots come at affordable prices. Therefore, it will be easy to select one that will best suit your need.