A travel guide plays a crucial role when you are not aware of the things and destinations of the location where you have to go. Travelling is necessary to explore other countries from one place to another. But do you also need a proper Umrah travel guide? The answer is “yes” if you don’t know how to travel and perform Umrah, what a pilgrimage requires from a Muslim and what a Muslim have to show.

So, specifically in this article, we will talk about some essential tips and guidelines in the form of a guide to make your Umrah memorable, as Muslims know how much Umrah has significance in Islam. It can entirely change your life if you sincerely wish to perform it.

So, let’s talk about the Umrah travel guide to make your pilgrimage planning to Mecca memorable.

Planning your trip to Mecca:

Always plan whenever you make up your mind to go to Mecca. Planning and booking in advance can lead to several benefits. You should consider the following points when planning your pilgrimage:

  • When do you want to go?
  • Specify your travel dates
  • Do you have enough budget to design?
  • Must have all the necessary documents

After considering these, look for a good and reputable travel company dealing in Hajj and Umrah Packages. Make sure to tell everything that you want in your services.

Ensure your necessary documents for Umrah:

Planning a trip to Mecca requires all the necessary documents, just like other trips and tours. You know you will need all the mandatory documents when you travel or depart. You must have the following:

  • Visa (can be e-visa)
  • Passport
  • Travel vouchers
  • Accommodation vouchers (might be required at the airport)
  • Your ID
  • Other mandatory if you require

Include Umrah essentials only while packing:

Undoubtedly you have to pack some essentials for travelling. Packing is compulsory nowadays to travel to other countries. It would be best if you don’t include unnecessary items such as heavy, fancy, silky, overweight clothes and jewellery, etc. Just include:

  • Pair of Ihram
  • Set of clothes according to your stay in Saudi Arabia
  • Pack according to weather conditions (usually not very cold)
  • Toiletries only required
  • Don’t use and pack items with a pungent smell (you are not supposed to use aromatic products in Ihram, but after taking them off, you can use them)
  • Must pack comfortable shoes/flip-flops
  • Related items: if you are going to travel with older or disabled people

Make your intention before your journey:

Intention has very significance in Islam. It is also called Niyyah. Niyyah is just making a solid goal from your heart and mind for the sake of Allah (SWT). Although when you travel, you intend to perform the pilgrimage. But when you reach Mecca to perform rituals, first of all, make your intention verbally. Some Muslims prefer to say verbally their intention for a particular act.

You must know the Umrah rituals:

Umrah has four practices, and Muslims must know them. These are:

  1. Wearing the attire of Ihram
  2. Performing Tawaf
  3. Performing Sa’i
  4. Halq/Taqsir (related to hair shaving and cutting)

You can learn about these rituals from many resources, such as Islamic scholars, relatives/friends who previously did their Umrah, etc. Nowadays, the internet is providing the best facility to learn everything.

After performing Umrah in Mecca:

Umrah is an act that can be done within 5 to 6 hours if you are physically fit. But it can take time for older or disabled ones. Once you have done your Umrah, try to boost your spirituality by spending a lot of time in Mecca and Medina. You can do this by doing certain acts such as reading the Holy Quran, reflecting on prayers, or making Duas. Try to make a good connection/bond with Allah (SWT).

You can also do some Ziyarats on the holy sites in Mecca and Medina. On some Ziyarats points, you can offer some Rakat prayers, like in the Cave of Hira or Jabal-e-Soor. If you are familiar with the country of Saudi Arabia, after performing Umrah, you will have several plans to do what you should do. If the situation is the opposite, you are travelling to the KSA for the first time, follow a travel agency like Labbaik Hajj Umrah to suggest how you can spend the rest of the day there.

By finalizing this article, a travel guide can become necessary if you are going for the first time to undertake the pilgrimage. But you can take advantage of this article to enhance your knowledge. Remember that a travel guide is just for giving you the right way. It depends on how you focus on the pilgrimage and making the best version of it. May you have a safe travel!