A roof is a structure covering the upper part of a building. There are different types of roofs, for example, grass thatched, clay tiles, and iron sheets. This article mainly focuses on Decra roofing sheets, a relatively modern-day variety.

These sheets are made of steel and coated with aluminium-zinc alloy and silicon. This combination gives the sheets far more protection against corrosion than the popular galvanized iron sheets. This is because, with time, when the zinc coatings break off, the more durable aluminium remains, making them last longer.

The silicon component helps hold the coatings firm on the steel. These sheets are also coated with stone granules for texture, styles and colours, replicating the look of traditionally used clay tiles.

Because industrialization is fast growing, the need for high-quality, durable and cost-effective roofing sheets arise. Decra roofing sheets have proven to be the solution to these needs with features they possess which include;

The fact that they are made of steel coated with an alloy of aluminium and zinc makes them more durable than other roofing types. This protects sheets against rust corrosion.

  • Invulnerability

Most roofs are destroyed when natural calamities like storms, earthquakes and tornadoes occur. These sheets are invulnerable to such disasters as they are tested at production.

  • Lightweight

Compared to traditionally used clay tiles, these roofing sheets are relatively light, which makes installation work and handling easy.

  • Granules coated

They are also coated with stone granules and paint-like pigmented at high temperatures for roofing styles, textures and colours.

Factors to consider when choosing Decra roofing sheets

  • Ease of installation

For effective installation with limited complexity, roofing sheets should be easy to install to save on labour costs. I am also considering the safety of those handling the installation.

  • Quality

Quality is crucial when choosing roofing sheets for type, components, colour and performance. A customer should evaluate the quality of these items before deciding which one to buy.

  • Cost-effective

Cost plays a central part in determining which roofing sheets to choose as one tends to select which bests suit their stipulated cost bracket.

  • Durability

For how long will the sheets serve? This solely depends on the components of the sheets and the gauges with which they are produced. Cost-effective, durable roofing sheets are every individual and firm’s preference as they will serve longer and save on cost.

  • Vulnerability

An individual or an industry choosing a type of roofing sheet should consider the possibility of destruction or damage by fire and natural calamities like storms and tornadoes. This roofing has a non-combustible high-quality aluminium-zinc making it less vulnerable.


In conclusion, precise and well-defined features and factors to consider when choosing Decra roofing tiles have been explained in this article. This is important as a reference to any individual, firm or industry looking to buy this sheet.