Over/under odds are a fairly popular soccer odds ratio, widely used in soccer select. Over/under select has unique rules and extremely high reward rates, attracting many fans. So let’s find out some with New88today right away How to predict over/under football odds effectively in the article below!

Definition of how to bet on over/under football

Soccer select is an extremely attractive form of select that is loved all over the world. The culture of watching football has long become an indispensable spiritual dish in every fan’s meal. Extremely fiery football matches with beautiful goals and tough chases attract viewers and bettors.

The soccer select odds table is the most diverse and richest odds table, and the reward rate is also extremely high. In particular, the over/under bet is a very popular soccer bet, used in most big and small soccer matches. In essence, in this odds, instead of predicting the exact match score, players will guess the total number of goals scored by both teams and bet on 3 options.

Over/under select has a large number of bettors and methods How to predict over/under football odds are also searched endlessly. In particular, soccer select is simply a form of suggestions and playing tips for bettors to find the correct bet and improve their chances of winning.

Football over/under odds are quite diverse, depending on the match, the house will offer different select options. Therefore, the method of select on over/under is extremely diverse and widely sought by players.

What is the way to calculate over/under odds in soccer?

To grasp the How to predict over/under football odds, first you need to learn how to read over/under odds and calculate points in this odds ratio. Specifically:

For over/under soccer odds, the game portal will find the winner, that is, the player who correctly predicts the total number of goals that both teams will score. When comparing with the number given by the house, you bet on the over when the predicted number is higher, bet on the under when the total is predicted to be smaller.

Depending on the performance of the teams participating in the competition, the house offers corresponding over/under odds. Currently on the market there are over/under bets of 1 goal, 2 goals, 2.5 goals,…For 1 goal over/under, players bet on over when predicting that the number of goals scored by both teams is greater than 1. score, otherwise go under. If your prediction matches, bet on the tie to be a draw.

 How to predict over/under football odds will also be applied depending on the case when you bet on the whole match or bet on each half. Players can predict and bet on the first half, second half or guess the entire match information. Normally, the payout ratio for the first half and the whole match will be higher. The way to calculate the bonus is to take the bet x the payout ratio!

Summary of the most effective ways to bet on over/under football

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Look closely at the results table

To find out How to predict over/under football odds To be exact, you can rely on the football winning results table every day. Accordingly, players participating in this odds can find the correct bet based on the results of previous confrontations between the two teams.

Summary of the meetings of these two football clubs and consider the final score as well as the results in the over/under bet from the game portal. Normally, a football tournament will be held in a first-leg and return-leg format. Therefore, this football select method will be very suitable when applied in the return matches.

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How to bet on over/under football based on ranking position

Relying on positions on the rankings to predict over/under odds is also a pretty good select method. The position on the rankings will partly show the performance of the teams, and players will also know the performance capacity score goals for this club.

Of course, the team has a high ranking than is often rated better, the greater the scoring efficiency, the better it proves that one has the ability to score goals. Reviewing the past matches of the two clubs also helps players predict the total number of goals this team can score in each round or match.


The above article has helped you learn How to predict over/under football odds extremely accurate. So what are you waiting for, register for a New88 account and participate in select and winning bonuses right away!