Smoking is injurious to health! We all know that! It is not only injurious to the health of the smokers but also puts the people around you at risk.

While we all know the risks of smoking, quitting smoking is not an easy journey.

Why is quitting difficult

For many, smoking might be an automatic response to start the day with a cigarette and a morning coffee or smoke on their way to home after a hectic day at work. It also becomes a tool to socialise, helping relate to friends or colleagues. On top of that, the nicotine results in withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

In this blog, we will help you chart out a plan that will help you fight the urge. We will also talk about the role of Nicotine Gum to Quit Smoking.  But before we jump into the steps, you need to understand that to completely stop smoking, you will need to address both aspects of the addiction. Meaning the physical addiction and the habits and routines that go along with it.

1. Find your motivation!

The first step that you need to take in order to ensure that you quit successfully is to find a powerful and personal reason to quit. Trust us – you will need all the motivation and willpower on your quitting journey, hence, find your reason.

2. START your quitting pla

It is going to take way more than just tossing your cigarettes out! Hence, you need to have a plan. Your brain has been hooked to nicotine and you will need a line of support in advance. Follow the START plan:
S: Set up a date – Give yourself some time to prepare mentally and physically for this change. Setting up a date will help you alert your brain.

T: Tell: Keep the people around you informed of your decision. You will need their support and encouragement. If possible, look for a quit buddy. You can keep each other company during the rough times.

A: Anticipate: Keep in mind that having a relapse is quite easy. Most people who begin smoking again do so within the first three months. You can help yourself by charting out a plan to deal with withdrawal symptoms. We will talk about the use of chewing gums to quit smoking soon.

R: Remove: Throw away all the cigarettes and all the things that remind you of them! They can be ashtrays or lighters.

T: Talk: Last but not least, you can also consider talking to a doctor as they can prescribe you some nicotine patches or medicated nicotine gums to fight the urges.

3. Consider Nicotine Replacement Therap

There are many different ways to do that – nicotine gums or patches – all these will help improve the chances of success when you are on a ‘no smoke’ journey. Out of all these methods, Chewing Gums to Quit Smoking is one of the most effective methods as it is easy to use and it also helps in treating oral fixation.

4. Avoid triggers

The urge to smoke is strongest at the places where you have smoked in the past or most often. These places can be parties or bars, or when you are feeling stressed at the office. Identify your triggers and have a plan in place to avoid them or get through them without giving up.

5. Give yourself a break

Find ways to unwind yourself. Stress can be one of the biggest motivators that will want you to smoke. Tune into your favorite music, indulge in a relaxing massage or take some time out for a hobby. Find ways to avoid or manage stress.

6. Get moving

Being active will help curb withdrawal symptoms. It will keep you distracted from tobacco cravings. Even short bursts of activity like running up and down the stairs a few times or going for a walk will help you distract the urges. If you do not like physical exercises you can also find other ways to distract your mind.

7. Eat healthy

Do not go on a diet when you are trying to quit smoking. While nicotine gums will help deal with withdrawal symptoms, keep your stomach full and happy with healthy items like fruits and vegetables.

At last, keep on trying! If you will keep on reminding yourself of the benefits of quitting smoking, you will definitely achieve your goal. Good luck!